Throughout 2020-2021, we all made great strides... together!


We lost something, but learned a whole new language in the void. Even in the most restricted days of our lives, we made new space for somewhere else. And isn’t it revealing?

A variety of consumer surveys and research studies suggest that wellness is headed for a hybrid future. The ‘next normal' has arrived, we are convinced. 


As a result, is offering forward-looking Yoga Teachers' Training schools the opportunity to participate in our "Visionary Yoga School" program. 

Yoga Class

Are you a Visionary YTT School?

Prepare next-gen yoga teachers for the
hybrid future of wellness. 

Make yoga teaching a lucrative career opportunity by helping them thrive, not just survive.

"Do what the 99% are NOT doing" - Simon Sinek

Why is this move important?

  • Wellness in the future requires both in-person and online yoga teachers who are fully trained to reach millennials, beginner, modern, new-age yoga lovers. Teaching online through technology is now a necessity rather than a competitive advantage. It's already intimidating as a new yoga teacher to plan a class, rehearse the sequence, memorize the Sanskrit words, and create a welcoming atmosphere for the students. Wouldn't it make more sense to leave out your branding, website creation, member management, and tech integration headaches? That’s why we exist.

What is driving this shift?

  • The pandemic has changed some human behaviors forever. People will continue to expect to be able to choose between online and in-person classes. Graduating yoga teachers have more opportunities online, they can earn more by getting people from all over the world to log in, not just those in the same postcode. As a result, they can scale faster and get a better, faster ROI on their YTT education investments.

How does it work?

  • You do what you do best - provide the subject matter expertise through the YTT course training. will provide a simple, affordable and scalable online business platform & training. 

  • We offer your students a wide range of services: an exclusive discount on the platform fees, VIP onboarding & tech support and a complimentary 10 hours training on “How to create, market and sell online yoga classes”.

  • Every participating school will get an opportunity to

    • A Zoom interview to share your school's impact story with our global audiences​

    • Re-purposing the interview on our blog so it stays evergreen

    • Social media amplification

    • Get featured as a " Visionary School" on our website

  • If your school qualifies, you could receive a percentage kick-back when each student signs up for the platform, therefore generating additional revenue for your school.

We're fixated on taking yoga in every home,
making yoga a lifestyle.
Join us to help further our mission of uplifting consciousness, one human at a time.