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For many yoga professionals, this pandemic has been a real bummer, but we are grateful for how most of you stepped up to be our second-line of defense; and we are honored that you are considering

Let us help to clarify the following:


  1. Who we are, and what we desire

  2. Why are we offering a free product 

  3. How do we make money

  4. Our mission and aim, and explain how truly important you are in helping us to meet them both

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Who we are, and what we desire?

We are a bunch of product designers, digital marketers, and change makers who wish to be a force for good. Maybe, we are ardent yogis for this very reason. We are specialists, lifelong learners, and persistent about producing high-quality work. We're patient and committed because building great things takes time.


Our desire is simple: to make this world a better place by taking yoga in every home and making yoga a lifestyle. Ever imagined sharing a planet with 7 billion yogis? We do!


We dream of a world filled with gratitude, compassion, humility, service and happiness. Know what else might help us attain these gifts? We don’t!


Why are we offering a FREE product?

It's simple! Embracing the tech for good + yoga for all philosophy, was conceptualized as a two-sided tool: make tech a child’s play for all yoga practitioners so they can make yoga accessible to all humanity. 


When we launched in 2020, we weren’t the first in the market, we aren't based in Silicon Valley, our founders didn’t go to Harvard or Stanford, and our competitors are multi-billion $, VC backed companies. 


Still, there are many gaps for the use-cases our competitors are trying to solve:

  • There is a steep learning curve involved in adopting these tools because they aren’t designed keeping in mind the non-tech savvy independent yoga teacher. Many teachers have had to spend hours learning the tech, or spend dollars on freelancer fees for tech support and that is not sustainable.

  • A lack of depth in subject matter knowledge makes most of the available tools generic and we all know one size does not fit all. The same set of features and functionalities do not work across independent yoga teachers, yoga studio, gym, dance studio, personal coach, and nutritionist type of user personas. 

  • The SaaS bundling and pricing of many of our competitors wasn’t attractive enough to fuel the growth of an independent yoga teacher. Both Arise and Yogi plans are tailor-made and custom-packaged for independent yoga professionals. 


Because our competitors lack focus on specific user types, they add new features to drive growth, making the product more complex to use. More features doesn’t mean more success. On the contrary, we believe having less features is probably a better blessing than having more which is often too much.

Coming to why FREE? 

It's very simple! We want to make you, our customer, our partner in fueling our mission to uplift the consciousness quotient of our planet.

How do we make money?

When you start your journey with us, it is most likely you will begin by using the ‘Arise’ plan.


As you grow, many of you upgrade to the ‘Yogi’ plan.


The money we make from Yogi plan users helps us support the users of Arise.


This is you, the yoga teachers who have progressed, giving back to those who are just getting started.


Our mission and aim, and explain how truly important you are in helping us to meet them both

Our mission is to make this world a better place by taking yoga in every home and making yoga a lifestyle.


Our aim is to elevate the consciousness quotient of humanity by enabling tech for good and expanding yoga for all. helps you - yoga teachers - to expand your offerings to more people, in turn helping us to achieve both objectives. It's a win-win!


5. Contact info

I appreciate the time you took to learn about us and welcome your feedback, questions and comments.