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where you can teach both, online and in-person. Are you prepared to embrace the future of wellness?


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Namaste.fit advantages

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Service a Private Client One-to-One

Ideal for interactive two-way video-based personal training.

Provide a personalized experience to your high-ticket clients by being available for them in real-time.

Offer this feature as an add-on to those membership-based clients who enjoy group classes and wouldn’t mind additional personal attention.

Take Your Daily Group Sessions Online

Ideal for real-time, live, collaborative training of a batch or group.

Invite new clients to register and pay for a one-time preview class.

Provide existing students the ability to seamlessly access the regular online class using their membership pass.

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Broadcast a Virtual Yoga Workshop

Ideal for clients who shy away from online group participation.

Teach an unlimited number of students while they can all see you, but you cannot see them.

Appeals to introverts and learners who prefer to listen and absorb at their own pace without interaction.

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Produce Your Signature Online Programs

Ideal for creating your niche.

Create specific audience or theme-based programs – Eg. Kids Yoga Program, 10 Chair Asanas for Daily Practice, 30 Days to a Strong Core.

Help clients get committed to a structured program and practice in an organized fashion.

Teach the Yoga Teacher’s Training Course Online

Ideal for teaching.

Offer a curriculum-based program, drip content or offer a self-paced learning environment depending on student type.

Ability to offer live-interaction, broadcasting or one-to-one coaching as part of the curriculum.

host a virtual yoga retreat.png

Host a Virtual Yoga Retreat

Ideal for collaboration with other yoga teachers.

Establish new partnerships with yoga teachers and their students in far flung corners of the world.

Don’t hold back your imagination - plan a virtual yoga retreat, culminating in chanting from thirty different countries.


What is Namaste.fit?

Namaste.fit is a simple, hassle-free platform that helps independent yoga teachers launch their own virtual yoga studio in an easy DIY fashion, in their own brand
Beyond the platform, Namaste.fit is a movement where you join us in our mission to make yoga more accessible and uplift the consciousness quotient of our planet, one human at a time

Why do I need it?

- Digital is by default
- The pandemic has changed some human behaviors forever
- The future way of wellness is hybrid: online and in-person
- Yoga has a vital role to play in shaping the post-COVID world
- Namaste.fit is the industry's only platform aimed at yoga professionals
- Online businesses are more resilient, sustainable and future-proof