The Show Must Go On(line): Now is the Time to Build Your Digital Yoga Brand

If there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that the world is experiencing a dramatic shift. Change is never easy, but it is almost always necessary to experience the kind of GROWTH that the mind and soul need. While the pandemic has not been an easy thing to move through, and we’ve all been in what seems like a never-ending period of isolation, what we can see is that all of us—no matter who we are or where we are from—had to dive deep within ourselves and embrace the shift as it happens. The wellness space has become more important than ever. And if you’re part of the industry, you are more than likely feeling the pull to take your business to the next level—on the internet.

Why go online?

Who would have thought we would see the day when the world’s hottest online yoga studio would be something as corporate as Zoom? Times have truly changed: the formal and the informal have merged. People all over the world need the help of a skilled yoga teacher to find balance. The global lockdown has propelled millions of wellness experts and yoga studios to flock to video conferencing platforms, and many yoga enthusiasts and newbies alike can now take part in this sacred activity in the comfort, privacy, and safety of their own homes. The pandemic is indeed driving new behaviors, mostly in ways that we would never have imagined.

But it’s a recession ...

This shift doesn’t have to be met with fear or panic when it comes to your yoga practice. Crisis can sometimes create new and unique opportunities that take your business to the next level. Companies like Revlon and Disney were both started during the Great Depression and are still powerhouses today. Their success proves that brilliant ideas usually arrive during trying and difficult times, and that they can be leveraged into real business success for you.

Now that we’re officially into 2021, it means that it’s time to create new goals and set a whole new set of intentions. A big part of this year is to turn those lingering thoughts into action. You’re seeing all industries take their business online—now is the time to leverage this exciting new trend.

What are the benefits?


If you want to reduce the costs of running your own brick-and-mortar yoga studio during the global lockdown, it’s time to take some things online. Digital marketing, for example, helps your business save money, giving you less expensive options to promote your practice through social media and online ads. You can create a work from home studio setup, saving on the cost of renting, transportation, and other bills you need to pay to keep the lights on. Going online also means a wider audience for your practice, giving you the opportunity to build bigger classes and set up subscription services through an e-commerce platform. This can give your income the kind of dependability and predictability that you may have been struggling to establish.


Doing yoga online is not only cost-effective, but it’s also convenient and inclusive. Anyone from anywhere in the world can take part in practice once they have a device, a stable WiFi connection, can handle payments online, and enough space to put down a mat. Channeling your spend towards making the online user experience the best that it can be is a great way to ensure your yoga brand is in a growth position.

Plus, imagine how much easier it is to head to the living room floor instead of jumping in your car or onto your bike and heading to your studio in time for a 6 am class. It’s great for instructor and student!


As the resident yoga expert, you have the tools to nurture and cultivate this wonderful new audience. Not only are you becoming part of this thriving online community, but you’re also building your personal yoga brand. You have this incredible opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader on not just yoga, but wellness, peace, and self-care. Online communities are lifelines during the pandemic and the loneliness that comes with indefinite social isolation, so much so that they’ve been noted as critical to a business thriving during this time. Considering the negative emotional effect the pandemic is having on the world right now, your ability to extend your reach and help people feel more balanced is crucial and is key to your success.


If you are wondering about some of the tools and strategies you can use for your online yoga studio, let’s start with Daily Sunrise Yoga in the form of a live class. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, or even a Facebook page, you can live stream your class at the same time every day. You can also offer a theme-based program, such as a 21-day meditation challenge or a 14-day soulful yoga challenge: pre-recorded video series that can be accessed through membership or offered on demand. So many people are eager to learn new skills during this time—perhaps this can extend to training other aspiring yoga teachers on how to launch their own business. In that case, you can offer a comprehensive module-based tiered course that offers certification once it is completed.

Need some help with your digital journey? Voyayoga is privileged to guide you through the process of taking your yoga practice online. Contact us, and we’ll reach out to you to get things started.


The New Normal has created an external and internal shift. Now is truly the time to invest in your personal yoga brand and build your audience by unleashing the POWER of online. By doing this, over time, you will experience an influx of new opportunities that will give you the freedom, flexibility, and financial opportunities to keep growing your practice and SPREADING YOUR LIGHT.