The 6 Pillars of an Online Yoga Studio

You’re a passionate yoga teacher, and you’re ready to share your skills and expertise online. But how do you make the transition from the studio to online? Figuring out how to teach yoga online has never been simpler than with the help of easy-to-use platforms like When you’re on the hunt for the best software for online yoga classes, make sure you find one that offers simplicity, usefulness and scalable tools that will help you build, manage and nurture your virtual studio without any technology overwhelm.

When designing, we explored the six pillars that are essential for creating a thriving and inspiring virtual yoga studio. Below are our findings:

Branded Landing Page

Scratching the surface is often not enough. Good landing page design calls for neat information architecture, ease of navigation, pleasant visuals and yet that is only the tip of the iceberg. Of course, no two user personas are alike but in order to create something that brings results, you need to dig deeper and learn more about your users. Thankfully, there are some psychological principles that tell us what ‘’humans’’ prefer and we were able to use those as a general rule to design our landing pages for yoga teachers.

Humans cannot process more information than is necessary. There is a lot going on in our lives! Hence, we’ve cut to the chase quickly, used plain language, grouped items in categories and focused on a single goal i.e. - Register for a class - to give you a high-converting landing page.

A landing page is where an interested member of your online audience finds themselves after clicking on an ad, an aggregate link, or being directed from your social media. In many ways, your landing page is the face of your online business and might be the first impression your audience has of your brand. It should contain a strong call-to-action and seamlessly lead potential subscribers to sign up for your online studio offerings. Since landing sites average a 9.7% conversion rate, it’s absolutely essential that your business site has one. It’s easy to create a virtual yoga studio landing page with the right tools and the best software for online yoga classes.

User-Friendly Scheduler

Once you’ve got loyal subscribers, you need to ensure that they’re able to easily sign up for and attend scheduled classes. Use the scheduler to publish your online classes, in-studio offerings, workshops, and special events. A good platform should present the schedule in an easy-to-read and attractive format that engages your users. With the right online studio software, your site will be easy to navigate and provide an enjoyable user experience for your customers. Your scheduler should quickly update after every booking, allow students to join waitlists, and be easily customizable to your exact specifications. Our template will make building a schedule for your business easy as sukhasana.

Detailed Registration Form provides convenient and customizable templates for your studio’s registration forms. Tailor these forms to your needs to gather as many details about your users as you require and to ensure that you’re facilitating good communication between teachers and students. When you set out to create a virtual yoga studio, remember that it’s important to understand rules around liability and consent. Fret not with software that considers everything you need when you’re learning how to teach yoga online.

Payment Gateway Integration

For your online studio or e-commerce store, you’ll want to guarantee that your users have a quick, secure, and foolproof way to pay for your services. A payment gateway is commonly used to authorize and process payments in online stores. They responsibly safeguard against fraud (for your customers and your business), allow for a variety of payment methods, and can faultlessly integrate with your platform. It’s key that you find a payment gateway that fits your needs because a seamless checkout experience can make or break your business. Buyers can be fickle with 11% of users abandoning their carts due to a checkout process that’s perceived as too complex.

Class Package & Subscription Offerings

When you set out to create a virtual yoga studio, focus on selling subscriptions and class packages to build longevity and increase your revenue. Subscriptions especially allow you to forecast your earnings and create accurate models for future growth. They also produce dedicated students that are loyal to you, your brand, and your community. By encouraging ongoing engagement with your brand, students are more likely to be upsold on apparel, private training packages, and workshops. But finances aside, establishing a long-term yoga practice delivers the best outcomes for health and wellbeing. So it’s in the best interest for you and your customers to invest in package or subscription models.

Contact List Management

When selecting the best software for your online yoga classes, make sure that you choose one that provides a contact management system to help you organize your contacts and use your network to assist in your marketing goals. Contact list management saves you time by consolidating all of your client information into one place, and it should have search and filter options so you can find information exactly when you need it. Perhaps, most importantly, user-friendly contact management makes sending out marketing materials and communications to your audience practical and convenient.

Creating an online yoga studio allows you to take your yoga studio to the next level — you’ll be able to spread your message across the globe and create the business of your dreams. Take your time to mindfully construct the essential six pillars of your online business because they will provide the stable foundation on which to build your future.

We at would love to help you as you build your online yoga studio. Click here to have one of our experts reach out to you.