+ Zoom: Tech Systems to Easily Launch Your Online Yoga Studio

When you thought about your life as a yoga teacher, chances are it didn’t include teaching yoga online with Zoom. If you’re like most people, you likely envisioned a sunlit studio filled with a daily sense of purpose while helping others become more centered.

Here are some ways to teach yoga online and some tech systems to make the transition easier.

The best platform to teach yoga online

Video conferencing is an ideal way to build online connections with your members. Studies show that yoga has increased nearly 50%, with most of the increase coming from people practicing yoga at home. Following the past year’s events, Zoom has become the hottest virtual yoga studio, aside from Google Meet, Hangouts, and Skype. We understand the importance of reducing any redundant administrative efforts involved with teaching online.’s platform offers you direct integration with Zoom in an attempt to make tech easy for you.

The old way

In the past, yoga teachers had to promote their Zoom-based online classes through social media posts and other community groups. If prospective students wanted more information about your classes, they would have to send their questions via email, SMS text, and social DMs in your social posts comment sections. Once students paid for their classes, yoga teachers manually sent the Zoom link to the paid attendees. We learnt, yoga teachers were spending a lot of time and resources responding to every message and post, sometimes taking a long time to get back to everyone. This option did not provide a welcoming and pleasant experience for members.

The way

Yoga teachers, we’ve heard your complaints and understand how the past interfered with your ability to promote your classes and reduce your prep time to prepare quality content for each session. Enter + Zoom integration platform. Our platform helps you better manage your time by offering branded websites where you can publish a schedule of your upcoming classes. Take the guesswork out of your online studio and take control of your businesses with customized web pages that allow you to schedule, publish and sell unlimited classes. Whether you’re looking to offer self-serve or live classes, yoga memberships, or bundles, there are several ways you can charge for your classes online.

Create flexibility with

When you’re planning to teach online yoga classes, you’ll want a platform that provides you the flexibility to connect with your students virtually anywhere seamlessly. Students can take your classes using Zoom or any other video conferencing tool of your choice. Our integrated Zoom feature only needs to be connected once, and you’re all set. Forget about trying to reconnect every time or create links for each of your classes, workshops, or sessions. Simply check the option to auto-generate a Zoom link, and voila!

Elevate your virtual yoga studio experience

As a yoga instructor, you should focus more on establishing a calm and welcoming space for your students. When you create a new class or workshop using, you’ll receive a unique Zoom link that’s automatically generated. We add this link to your registered member’s confirmation email and offer a delightful brand interaction. By embedding the link into an email, your members are provided with a seamless user experience that makes you look more professional.

Get started on your journey by taking advantage of our branded homepage and event landing page builder, designed to help monetize your online presence.

Never log into Zoom again

Start your class straight from your online studio. And as a teacher, you won’t need to remember your login to multiple platforms—simply sign in to, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re already comfortable using a platform other than Zoom, it’s not a problem—our platform allows you to include a unique link to the video meeting while scheduling your classes. It’s time to take control of your virtual yoga studio software. Get back to expanding your digital reach and impacting the lives of your students. Leave the back-office work to us.

Let us help you take your online yoga studio to new heights and find the balance between your virtual and physical yoga studios. We can’t wait to speak with you more. Click here to get in touch with one of our experts.