Myth v/s Truth: Becoming an Online Yoga Teacher

Dear Yoga Teacher,

Pundits never get tired of lamenting the decline of face-to-face gatherings brought about advances of the internet.

Recent times have also proven that technology enables us to be connected in ways unimagined before.

  • The convenience of online access via multiple devices

  • Decreasing costs of data storage

  • Low-price access to the internet

…are just some of the major outside forces connecting student members with content, services and their Yoga practice, and the teacher herself at all times.

And this is just the beginning.

The truth is, without driving down through traffic after a frustratingly long day or even changing out of my pajama bottoms in the wee hours, I can roll out my Yoga mat anytime, anywhere and get going!

All I need is an alarm clock to wake me up well before the class, an internet connection, and I am sorted.

But you don’t think it's that easy! Do you?

This is because for time immemorial, you have been fed common myths about yoga that may actually be holding you back.

| As a yoga teacher, you invite the mind, body and spirit of your students in the practice of yoga. You offer them an exceptional environment to explore and discover, always leading your students on the longest journey of their life… the journey inwards!

Here, we are going to debunk some of your myths and reveal the truths to you about teaching yoga online through your own virtual yoga studio.

| WARNING: Hearing the truth about teaching yoga online may surprise you. And it should motivate you. It's time to move beyond awareness too.

Well, no one will, so we'll say it: Online yoga studios are more reliable money-makers than physical brick and mortar studios. Unfortunately, business schools and internet marketers aren’t teaching you how to be a successful Yogapreneur in the 21st century. We are here to help!

Let’s nail the basics first and detail the details later.