How to Overcome the Challenges of Teaching Yoga Online

Are you an established yoga teacher scared to teach yoga online? Unsure where to start? And wondering if teaching online means shutting down your in-person studio?

Or are you a newbie who you always desired to open your own yoga studio, but changes to our economic landscape made you feel like it was too risky?

There’s no secret that, like many other professions, yoga teachers continue to face many challenges.

The ability to take your passion for passion and transform it into a profitable online business means adapting the way you balance your books, find the right collaborators and partners, market, all while staying ahead of the curve.

We want you to understand at the root of getting started, be it online or in-person yoga, is unwarranted self-awareness. Know that teaching yoga shouldn't be fearful because it is not a performance you give on a stage and people will judge you for your performance. Teaching yoga is simply an act of passing on knowledge and at the end of this article we hope you perceive it that way.

Here are some proven steps on overcoming many challenges facing yoga teachers today.

Mindset is Everything

A savvy trainer recognizes that everything which is teachable in-person can be taught online. After all, it was your passion for yoga and desire to help transform people’s lives that inspired you to become a yoga teacher. While being able to teach yoga online with Zoom is essential during lockdown periods, you should always strive to find ways to get in front of a new audience by pondering over the endless possibilities. We all understand by now, the online world is much bigger than our physical world. It is also more reliable as it helps you to navigate changes and adapt to the realities of the new digital lifestyle. With, you can bypass many of the mental blockages facing industry professionals, as we offer a space to offer your practice in your own unique way. We are your cheerleaders, friends and supporters wishing nothing but the best, and for you to succeed.

Don’t Worry if You’re Not a Tech God(dess)

‘’The technology and various options out there, are truly overwhelming.

It is so chaotic and confusing, the whole process of selecting a platform is so puzzling.

I need something that is a long-term, strategic, and sustainable solution that evolves with my yoga teaching career.

Determining the technology stack you will need to set up your yoga studio is not easy. There are many things to consider, from attracting new potential clients to your website or landing page, building their experience with a seamless booking and registrations management flow, collecting payments in a trustworthy manner and setting up video conferencing.

The most important thing to remember though is to keep things simple. Even the most beautiful looking website is useless when the experience is bad.

MAKE IT SIMPLE, BUT significant. is inspired by this simple yet profound idea so we can provide a straightforward experience to you and your clients.

Invest in Your Online Brand

You may have heard of this age old quote “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Establishing your own brand and creating brand awareness is a process that requires commitment, a lot of time and research. Maintaining consistency through routine digital and on-person activity is important. It is important to show up and demonstrate that you exist to help convert their pain to power.

It’s more than just emailing your newsletter subscribers—it’s about creating a brand recall. Marketing is an exercise in memorization. They need to see you, hear you and engage with your brand at every touch point.

When you are taking all the effort to attract your audience to your brand and then also delivering the service, why pay somebody else for your hard work?

This inspired us to challenge the commission's model being widely used in the industry. pricing is straightforward, you pay a flat fee for using the features you need and that’s about it! We don't share revenue ever.

Remember, how you feel about your brand will make a massive difference in how others perceive it—if you’re excited about what you are building and offering, your members will be too.

The Future Belongs to The Experience Providers

Ensuring your members recognize your brand means creating a journey that allows them to stay connected with your true self. This requires keeping them engaged on topics that interest them. You need to believe in what you’re offering, so when members are ready to purchase, they will be directed to a landing page offering precisely what they are looking for. Make sure your essential information is easy to find and not buried within a 5000-word About Me page—which most people don’t read anyways. Remember: they’ve learned enough about you through your social media, and that’s why they’re here to buy.

How we shop and interact has completely changed in the past decade. Yet the entire customer revolution is still only in its infancy. What will the customer experience look like in 2030?

Ultimately, experience is all about the people. Those who wish to build a future-proof member experience should realize that members are people. Technology is a means to achieve this, and never an end in itself.

It would be our honor to be a part of your journey of building online experiences for your studio members. Click here to learn more and connect with one of our experts.