How to Convert Fans & Followers to Paying Customers

I imagine we have reached that point where we can now stop asking our customers what their pain points are. It's money. Everyone’s pain point is revenue. Why do we sponsor posts, organize promotions, release offers and sale discounts, why do we do marketing?

All this effort is not simply to elevate our egos by gaining more number of followers. In the end, the goal is (and should be) to convert your followers into paying customers.

The truth is, there’s no formula or shortcut for this, as building an authentic follower base that is also willing to buy from you takes time. But once you’ve reached an inflection point, it will seem like your business is running in autopilot mode.

Now, because it takes time and effort, ignoring this land of Instagram and social media completely will not help either. However, as a busy yoga teacher, you will be happy to notice, while having legions of followers is incredible, having few engaged followers (you can call your community) is even more important.

It took 38 years before 50 million people gained access to radios.

It took television 13 years to earn an audience of that size.

It took Instagram a year and a half.

- Gary Vaynerchuk

Why Social Media or Instagram Can’t Be Your End Game?

Lockdown or no are you still practicing yoga with your buddy’s aunt in the neighborhood? You see so many wellness instructors doing daily Facebook lives, sharing their client transformation stories, messing around with Instagram Reels, and yet, all those pretty photos are not working.

Most wellness entrepreneurs and yoga instructors we speak with are finding it hard to make money through social media.

This is because

… social media is a place where people get to know you

… they learn about your brand values

… they get to engage with your vibe, the face behind the brand

… they build trust in you and your practice

… they get to engage with you through comments and DMs

But buying anything on social media is not natural human behavior. Instagram and Facebook are not eCommerce sites and they aren’t built to deliver a seamless buying experience. Moreover, in the time and age of internet fraud, authenticity of the stuff bought on social media is also sometimes questioned.

So, here is where you need to switch your mindset from making your Facebook and Instagram pages your end game. Let these pages be your methods of outreach. The goal of all efforts on social media is to drive traffic to your own branded digital properties.

Don’t forget, you don’t own the audience (data) you meet on social media. Mr. Zuckerberg does. You can’t even control the experience they get on Facebook and Instagram. Mr. Zuckerberg can update the algorithm one night and change the rules of the game forever.

So, What is the Best Conversion Plan?

First, think of a personal space where you want your followers to meet you and your brand? Directly at your physical yoga studio or online, so you can take them through an online qualification process?

What do you expect them to do: Ask you queries? Book your class? Purchase a seat at your cooking workshop? Or simply, contact you to learn more about your offerings?

Once your end goal is clear, defining what conversion means becomes easy. Conversion happens with your call-to-action, outside Instagram and Facebook.

  • Offer a link in your bio that takes them to a dedicated landing page, one that is not buried behind a 5000-words About homepage

  • Share a direct link to your offer - live class, workshop, course landing page

  • Include locations where they can connect with you outside Instagram - landing page, email, text SMS offers yoga teachers with the ease of converting their social media fans and followers into paying clients. Once they are off Instagram, we make it simple for you to continue the relevance with your brand. Few-clicks and easy checkouts serve your potential customer by controlling their experience.

Building your own yoga brand allows you to create your own engaged community of followers and paying clients. We help you continue and grow your brand experience. When a yoga business meets member experience magic happens in that moment. The future of wellness like any other business is experience.

Stay ahead of the competition and focus on providing value to your members with’s easy, hassle-free tool to build a digital twin of your yoga studio.

The Future is Digital

There’s no denying that online is the future, and you need a platform that understands these changes and can optimize your brand’s ability to connect to more potential clients. offers yoga instructors ways to increase their revenue by leveraging their social media followers. With live and in-person, online and pre-recorded yoga offerings earn recurring income for yourself and offer your members more flexibility and convenience. We make it easy for you to transform your in-studio experience by selling and offering Zoom or other videoconferencing-based class options.

The ability to convert fans and followers into paying customers doesn’t require elaborate tricks or creative copywriting. While they can help, it’s more about you and your ability to nurture your followers’ needs while also meeting potential followers’ needs. Offering them solutions through a reliable yoga platform like will allow you to focus on sharing your gifts and knowledge while also marketing your brand generously and kindly. We can’t wait to connect with you.