Digital is by Default: Embrace the ‘’Next Normal” and Launch Your Own Online Yoga Studio

“We do not belong to the past dawns, but to the noons of the future.” Sri Aurobindo

'Digital by default' implies creating services so effortless to access online that it becomes the natural place for people to go to. However, digital by default is more than just providing services online.

What this means for yoga teachers is that, simply taking online classes via Zoom is not enough to differentiate you from others.

Before the pandemic, if you had your online yoga studio to complement in-studio classes, that would be counted as your competitive advantage. Online yoga was already on the rise but slowly and steadily.

This phrase became ubiquitous during the pandemic, and in many cases, businesses were forced to move online if they wanted to survive.

We know that the pandemic is here to change some human behaviors forever, and when the ‘next normal’ life will resume, digital transformation will be a critical component of it.

Just like today, if you walked into a pastry shop to sample some of their flavors and desserts, the natural instinct while leaving is to ask, “Hey! Do you deliver cakes online?”, similarly, anybody walking into your home-based yoga studio in the future would surely ask if you taught online and on-demand. So you want to be prepared now to be able to say ‘Yes’ tomorrow!

Change is inevitable, and it’s a whole lot better to move along with the current than to fight it. If you haven’t yet pivoted your yoga business or you’re looking to add an online offering to your brick-and-mortar, was built with your seamless digital transition in mind.

Convenience wins. You have remote access to everything.

Online yoga is simply more comfortable for students because they are able to access classes whenever and wherever they want. They can squeeze a session into their busy lives without having to work around rigid schedules or needing extra time to drive to the studio. In addition, students can create a completely bespoke experience in their own home, patio or public park and go at their own pace.

While some students and teachers may miss the intimacy of the in-studio experience, technology and specifically, social media allows us to continue to connect deeply and build community in new and innovative ways. Just look at how much enthusiasm and participation each new Instagram challenge is able to garner. #MeatlessMonday, #DolganaCoffeeChallenge, #30DaySongChallenge and plenty of other challenges have united humans online in such creative ways.

While there was initial reluctance, many students are now reporting that they love the flexibility and privacy of practicing yoga in the comfort of their homes, especially beginners who may feel intimidated when getting started. For others, they just feel thankful to have their regular practice in place in spite of all the chaos in the outer world.

Online makes yoga accessible and achievable for everyone

Pivoting to teach yoga online can be intimidating at first, especially when forced to do so by a global pandemic! But while transitions can seem overwhelming, website builders such as help you find the best way to teach yoga online.

There’s an assumption that making the transition to digital is time-consuming, expensive, and requires a lot of skill, but that’s simply not true. By utilizing a simple and hassle-free platform like and engaging with experts from the industry, you can spend the majority of your time focussing on teaching classes and connecting with your students.

While it’s encouraging to see how many practitioners made the shift to online during the pandemic, we know that some teachers are struggling with the transition, hoping that they can hold out until the pandemic is over.

But online yoga is the future of this business (beyond the culmination of the pandemic), and we assure you that with the help of, even independent teachers, newly graduated yoga teachers and small business owners possess the ability required to make the leap.

Embrace the change (and the initial discomfort)

Transitions can be challenging but yoga teaches us that if we stay present, we can weather even the most tumultuous times. If there is a silver lining to how the pandemic affected yoga and the wellness community, it’s that it acted as an impetus to join the digital transformation that was already underway.

Change is inevitable, and you can assume that it will continue beyond this moment. By embracing a mindset that welcomes change rather than resists it, you can continue to shift with the times in a way that provides the best service to your clients and helps your business to thrive.

Yoga may be an ancient practice but bringing it into the online realm makes it no less transformative for students. This transition to online can be quick, easy, and continuous by finding the right platform to help you.

We’d love to help as you embrace the future and embark on your digital transformation. Click here to have one of our experts reach out to you.