A Leap of Faith

Dear Yoga Teacher,

The pandemic happened and everything moved online.

NO, it’s nobody’s fault your yoga teacher’s training program or certification course didn't prepare you for building an online business.

You’re not alone.

Engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers, large corporations – nobody was prepared for this.

Now you’re wondering if you should take the leap of faith.

Maybe, your training had you believing there was only one way to make a living—and that was by teaching physical studio-based group classes or seeing private clients.

But EVERYTHING seems to be moving online these days.

Maybe, your mind was conditioned to believing that you’re a healer and technology didn't have a role in the wellness business.

But even DOCTORS are consulting online these days.

In the ashes of adversity, lies an opportunity.

This is your moment to (re)define yourself and lead the revolution happening in the wellness space.

Re(imagine) what is the NEXT STEP in your evolution as a yoga teacher?

You got the yoga teacher’s training and certification. You have an existing batch of regular students who enjoy their daily practice with you. You have a few new students joining either through word of mouth or your social media marketing efforts.

Maybe, in spite of all this you’re thinking I’m not famous enough or I don’t understand technology to launch my virtual yoga studio.

And yet, a voice inside you keeps saying:

  1. How can I uncouple from the brick-and-mortar studio classes?

  2. How do I build my personal brand?

  3. How do I avoid the burnout caused by administrative tasks?

  4. How do I make teaching yoga online more sustainable and enjoyable?

To do all of the above and more, you need an online studio that will (re)ignite your teaching and support your own personal practice.

One that empowers you.

One that fuels your creativity.

One that challenges you in a healthy way.

You need a tool that has you saying, “Oh! This is easy. I can do this.”

You said it in your mind. And our heart heard it.

We know from our own experience of building an online business, sometimes the only available transportation is a leap of faith.

We built namaste.fit so you can make the jump with confidence - everything you desire lies on the other side of your fear.

There are many talented people out there who haven’t fulfilled their dreams because they over thought it, or they were too cautious and were unwilling to make the leap of faith.

What if this actually works?

If you’re on the fence and still imagining what it would be like to run your virtual yoga studio, we're inviting you to let the good vibes flow in, keep the faith, and connect with us to discuss your weirdest imagination.

We’re listening!