More Bells and Whistles!

Namaste Yoga Teachers,

We have all come a long way, together! And yet this is only the beginning.

Since our last update in February 2021, we've added more bells and whistles to

You will notice:

1. Rich-text editor: Inspired by Microsoft Word - We all know how to use Word ;-) to provide you with easy formatting of your 'About' and 'Class description' text. Bold, Italic and Underline will help you insert typographical emphasis and lists made with bullet points and numbering will help you further organize any long-form of text content.

2. Online tag: As is becoming a platform of choice to manage both, online and in-person class bookings, we thought of making it easy to differentiate the two for both, teachers and students. The 'Online' tag in both places helps us achieve that.

3. Export members list: Now that your online registrations list has started to grow, we wanted to provide an easy way to make it reusable. Export the list in a simple spreadsheet and upload it to your choice of marketing automation tool for all future promotions.

4. Billing: Also, it is easy to purchase your Yogi plan from within your application. Subscribe once and enjoy the uninterrupted service as we continue to serve you and surprise you as we can :-)

We hope you enjoy using these enhancements and as always, we'll be looking forward to hearing about your experience.


Indoor Yoga


March Product Update

(17th March, 2021)