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Name a Yoga Class 

What’s in a name? And yet, words have meaning and names have power.

The name of your class or workshop, be it online or in-person, is a reflection of your style and gives your students an idea of what they’re signing up for.

This list of 100+ yoga class name ideas will help get you started, but do your research and listen to your students to see what words resonate with them as end users. 

The names in this list can be reused as long as the services you offer are in line with any of these hand curated titles. Have fun choosing or creating a name for your next yoga class, remember to say it out loud, manifest, and share it with those whose opinions you value to get some early validation. 

As an added tip, this PDF also contains a simple formula you can use to create a new catchy and meaningful title for your yoga classes.

Happy naming! 

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