Online and in-person wellness are the future of wellness, and gives yoga teachers a way to sell both types of offerings easily.


  1. Hover on the Create button and select Live class/Workshop from the dropdown

  2. Select a banner image from our collection or upload your own

  3. Write a catchy and creative title for your next yoga class

  4. Provide a brief description of the class - what to expect, who is it for, why should one join, or any special instructions

  5. Adding participant limits is an optional field: make the online class a limited edition or 

  6. Choose the date, start time, duration and time zone information

  7. Select the recurrence of this class using the Repeat toggle


NOTE: All repeat classes will have unique Zoom URLs. Therefore, students need to register for recurring classes separately. 


  1. Choose to create a Free or Paid Class and if paid, select your currency and enter a price

  2. The class can be Online or In-person

    1. If Online and Zoom is connected, automatically a unique Zoom link will be created and added to the registrants confirmation and reminder emails

    2. If Online and Zoom is not connected, you will be prompted to provide a meeting link from the video conferencing tool of your choice (Eg. Google Meet URL)

    3. If In-person, you will be required to type an address to suggest the venue of the in-person class (Eg. yoga studio, retreat center, yoga cafe booked for the class)

  3. Choose to make the class Public or Unlisted

    1. Public means when you click ‘Publish’ the class will be published to your live studio site

    2. Unlisted means the class will not be made public and saved in ‘My offerings’ page. From here a private link to this class can be shared with an exclusive audience to drive their registrations or you can even choose to Edit and make the class Public to publish it to your site at a later date. 

  4. Click Save & Continue, and you will be migrated to ‘My Offerings’ page where all your classes will be listed in a chronological order.

How to create a class using to drive online and in-person bookings?

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