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Create a digital

twin  of your yoga studio

and prepare for the hybrid future of wellness

Turn your wellness brand into a global powerhouse.

Namaste.fit is a simple and hassle-free tool for independent yoga teachers, wellness studios and yoga schools to

offer online services to their members anytime, anywhere, on any device

and shine the light of their yoga on every corner of this world

Why choose Namaste.fit?


Create a practice that is uniquely your own. Start a class anytime, anywhere. Offer programs for all experience levels. From the congenial ambience of your home studio tranquilize your member's homes. Be creative. Be calming. 


A virtual yoga studio is empowering. Work. Travel. Enjoy time with your children. When you teach online all these things are possible. Release yourself and your members from the confines of a set schedule. Be fearless. Be future-ready.


Financial stability

Untangle your old beliefs. There is nothing wrong in making your passion your profession. Show up with enthusiasm and go the extra mile for your students. Your members will value the work they do with you even more if you respect your own time and worth. You serve, so you deserve.

LEAD the way

LEVERAGE these Namaste.fit features and LAUNCH your online yoga studio today!

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Live Classes

Sell online & in-person offerings

With live classes led by you and your awesome instructors design an experience that earns you loyal studio members.


Earn subscription revenue

Create class packs and membership passes and provide exclusive access to your live and on-demand classes.

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Expand your reach, be creative

Design a fun sociable workshop or masterclass to teach interesting things and offer specialty yoga classes to inspire and enrich your student's life. 

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On-demand Programs

Monetize your evergreen content

Ideal for offering a dedicated collection of pre-recorded videos, theme-based yoga challenges, and courses for self-practice at one's own pace.

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