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1. How do you customize for your virtual studio?

Let us stay behind the scenes and you make your own, cheers :-)

Customizing your virtual yoga studio is the first step to getting started with Following these 3 easy steps will guide you in the way:

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2. How do you connect a payment gateway to your studio site?

You will be paid directly to your bank account. does not charge escrow fees or commissions. 


Integration with the following 3 payment gateways is available off-the-shelf. Connect any one of them and you're ready to go.

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How to link your own Zoom account to

Connect to your existing Zoom account or create a new one. Creating live online events with Zoom is easy and fast!


Simply click on Connect and when redirected to Zoom application login using your account credentials. Authorize the application to connect with your Zoom account and there you are! After the Zoom connection is confirmed, will return you to your application and display a success message.

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How to create a class using - online and in-person?

Online and in-person wellness are the future of wellness, and gives yoga teachers a way to sell both types of offerings easily. 

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How to prevent registration emails from going to spam?

Many email clients, such as Gmail, have built-in intelligence to detect spam. 

Unfortunately, the 'intelligence' doesn't always get it right and some important emails end up in the spam folder.