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There was a time when software came on CDs. You installed the program on your computer, explored the features and functionality, and made peace with what you got. It wasn’t so long ago that people bought software at face value. There was no real feedback loop between users and creators.


Today, things are different and buying software (like building software) is an ongoing process. Modern yoga teachers choose to invest in our product roadmap and provide us feedback, new ideas, suggestions and actively participate in our product development journey. And they do this because they find a connection with our mission.

Continual improvements aren’t nice-to-haves, they are a must-have which is why our product team is hard at work building, testing, bug fixing and shipping vital features to our customers.


Stay tuned and know that we're always keen to hear what you think!




Zoom integration update: Setup live online classes to automatically create unique Zoom meetings automatically creates Zoom meetings for your online classes when you have already linked your Zoom account to These meetings will be secure and the link is only shared with you and the people that register for your offering.

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Open a free trial account with

The best way to understand a tool is to use it. That’s why now offers a free 14-days trial.

Visit our website at and click on Start Free Trial button

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NEW Feature Released:

MEMBERSHIPS (early access)

Now it is easy to create and sell two types of membership offerings on your site:

1) Subscription - Eg. Monthly Unlimited Yoga Class Pass
2) Packages - Eg. 10 Class Pack




Now Offering Payment Solutions via PayPal


Apart from Razorpay and Stripe, is now glad to offer payment solutions via PayPal.

Our one-click integration with PayPal makes it easy for you to collect online payments directly into your PayPal account.

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Latest in Tech and Design

Namaste Yoga Teachers,

We hope you’re ready to inhale a breath of fresh air!

Check out what’s the latest in tech and design at

1. Add participants limit

Now you can define the capacity limits for your classes and workshops. Choose to use this feature to comply with local government regulations or to create a FOMO and sense of urgency to book your events with limited seats available.

We carefully considered where all to display this information on your studio:

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Exciting Updates to Help Fuel Confident Yoga Teachers

Namaste Yoga Teachers,

We hope you had a great Easter weekend!

Last week, we released more new and exciting updates to It’s another step in our master plan to fuel confident yoga teachers around the world.

You will notice:

1. ‘Home’ in the left navigation panel - We renamed ‘Dashboard’ to ‘Home’ to make it more relatable and scalable for more stuff we intend to add to the screen in our upcoming releases.The vision is to get this Home screen to serve as a starting point for everything else in

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More Bells and Whistles!

Namaste Yoga Teachers,

We have all come a long way, together! And yet this is only the beginning.

Since our last update in February 2021, we've added more bells and whistles to

You will notice:

1. Rich-text editor: Inspired by Microsoft Word - We all know how to use Word ;-) to provide you with easy formatting of your 'About' and 'Class description' text. Bold, Italic and Underline will help you insert typographical emphasis and lists made with bullet points and numbering will help you further organize any long-form of text content.

Yoga Mat and Straps



New Enhancements to

Namaste Yoga Teachers,

Since we last saw you, we've made some new enhancements to

You will notice:

1. Enhanced User Interface (UI): A new look and feel for created using Material, an adaptable design system by Google that supports the best practices of user interface design