Let us stay behind the scenes and you make Namaste.fit your own, cheers :-)

Customizing your virtual yoga studio is the first step to getting started with Namaste.fit. Following these 3 easy steps will guide you in the way:

  • Step 1

Custom studio URL: You need to provide the subdomain name of your Namaste.fit studio URL. This means that the root domain of your studio will remain namaste.fit, but you can customize the subdomain name (e.g. http://mystudiobrand.namaste.fit). Namaste.fit subdomains are included with your plan, and do not require the purchase of an additional domain name.

| NOTE: Double check the URL name before publishing your studio site. Once  published, this cannot be changed. 

  • Step 2

Select template: You can choose from three customizable template options: Standard, Popular, and Advanced. They are all uniquely styled to fit into a yogi’s taste and can be easily blended with any existing website design, if you have one. Namaste.fit templates are included with your plan, and do not require you to pay anything extra.

| Optional: You can choose to further customise the colors of your studio page by applying hex codes of your primary and secondary brand colors or by choosing from our preset palette varieties.

  • Step 3

Add content: Upload a profile picture (your logo or headshot), a cover photo (choose a photo from our royalty free stock collection or upload one of your own), type your studio name, a brief description, location information, and social media links. 

Click on the Publish button and scroll over to the Go to Website button to view your live studio page.

How do you customize Namaste.fit for your virtual studio?

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