Connect to your existing Zoom account or create a new one. Creating live online events with Zoom is easy and fast!


Simply click on Connect and when redirected to Zoom application login using your account credentials. Authorize the application to connect with your Zoom account and there you are! After the Zoom connection is confirmed, will return you to your application and display a success message.


When you create a new online class, a unique Zoom link is automatically generated by We add this link to your student’s Confirmation Email, their Reminder Email, or both. 


| NOTE: Recurring classes have the Zoom URL. Unique Zoom links are generated for single non-repeating class instances. 


When you're creating the class and your Zoom account is connected, ‘Auto-generate Zoom URL’ will be a default selection. However, we don’t restrict you to using Zoom. You can feel free to use any video conferencing tool of your choice (Eg. Google Meet) and simply copy and paste the link in the URL field. 


| NOTE: You will need to manually type the ‘https://’ part, if you use Google Meet. Valid URLs are structured as 

How to link your own Zoom account to

Online Yoga Class Via Zoom