We are a team of mission-driven experts and learners who are committed to making yoga a lifestyle by taking it in every home. We do so by enabling independent yoga instructors, studios and schools to succeed at advancing the consciousness quotient of this planet, one human at a time. 

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We’re looking for happy, hungry and humble people.

Want to join a mission-driven company whose purpose is to further human consciousness? Come, join us.

Things to know about namaste.fit


We’re remote-first

We were founded during the COVID-19 lockdown. Our employee #1 was remote and ever since we’ve been fully distributed. We are passionate about building a diverse team of people who are here for their talent and commitment to our cause. We’re excited about the possibility of building great things together from across geographies. This charter serves as our bible for making remote work work!

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We’re values-driven

Our culture defines us. We take pride in the team we have built thus far and take time to articulate to our new team members ‘Our values’ that drive us. We’d also love to hear what motivates you and encourage you to share your life’s plan with us. Here, nobody works for anybody. We all work for each other and our customers. 

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We learn beyond knowledge

Continuous improvement is a component of our DNA. At Namaste.fit, we’re constantly striving to try new things or new ways of doing the same things. Be humble, be teachable and always keep learning. We see learning as a treasure which will follow its owner everywhere (even beyond Namaste.fit). So we encourage you to own it. 

We're impact-oriented

We regularly communicate our goals and strategy for achieving them. Strong customer relationships are important to us. We’re most inspired when we are able to see the impact of our work on the lives of our customers. We want to ensure we are developing simple products which resonate and deliver value to our customers. 

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We seek to make the experience of interviewing with us as delightful, efficient, fair, respectful, and transparent as possible.

A typical process at Namaste.fit might include the following steps, and takes approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. We try to move as quickly as possible, but if you have any time constraints, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.


An Introduction to Namaste.fit with the Hiring Manager (Telephonic/Zoom - 30 minutes)


A take-home Work Sample Exercise - technical or functional (48 hours to complete and submit your work)


A Discussion-based Interview with a panel of team members from Namaste.fit (Zoom - 60-90 minutes)


A Culture-fit Assessment round to understand your values, personality and life goals. 

We believe that the Work Sample Exercise is an important part of the process, in that it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in a concrete way. We take the time to design these exercises such that they: a) give you a view into the actual work you'd do at Namaste.fit, and b) are standardized, so every candidate is evaluated using the same criteria.
Lastly, Namaste.fit conducts calls with 3-4 references, ideally managers who have directly supervised you in the past and/or colleagues who can speak to your work.

Beyond culture-fit we are looking for ‘a culture-add’ - people who value our standards and culture, but also bring something different that positively contributes to our company.

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Current openings

Business Development Specialist

Are you interested in developing successful business strategies? Come, join us as our Business Development Manager and work with a team who's mission is to drive sustainable financial growth.


 Head of Growth

Are you interested in adding an entrepreneurial venture to your work history? Come, join us as our Head of Growth & Co-founder (SaaS business) and create a legacy alongside our passionate team.


Digital Marketing Intern

Are you interested in adding startup experience to your work history? Come, join us as our hands-on Marketing Interns and create a legacy alongside our passionate team.


Hands on CTO &

Are you interested in adding an entrepreneurial venture to your work history? Come, join us as our Hands on CTO  & Co-founder and create a legacy alongside our passionate team.



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