Zoom integration update: Setup live online classes to automatically create unique Zoom meetings

Namaste.fit automatically creates Zoom meetings for your online classes when you have already linked your Zoom account to Namaste.fit. These meetings will be secure and the link is only shared with you and the people that register for your offering.

How was Zoom integration handled in the past?
When Namaste.fit was being used to only offer live classes, our integration would provide the same Zoom link for all your repeating or recurring classes. 

What was the problem?
Now, due to the increased complexity of the membership package and subscriptions features, it was not ideal to use the same link for all classes, because it would make it easy for non-members, unregistered people, freeloaders, or random strangers to attend your classes. 

What is a better approach?
By default, Zoom will NOW create unique links for each live class you schedule on Namaste.fit, even if they are part of a repeating or recurring series. 

Each student who registers for the class will receive a unique link to your Zoom class. These unique Zoom links are generated 24 to 48 hours prior to the start of that particular class. Therefore, when a registrant books a class on your site, they will receive a confirmation email, followed by a reminder with joining details 24 to 48 hours before the class. 

As a teacher or class organizer, nothing changes for you - you simply login to your Namaste.fit application and START the class from the “My Offerings” page.

Is it possible to use the same Zoom link for all classes?
Yes, it is possible. In your Zoom account, you have a "Personal Meeting Room", a virtual room that is permanently reserved for you to hold meetings (classes) anytime you want, and it's always in the same place (at the same URL). 

So if you wish to run your classes in your personal meeting room, you have to deselect the ‘’Auto-generate link using Zoom” feature when creating a class in Namaste.fit and simply copy-paste your personal meeting URL in the “Link” field. 

You can then go ahead and notify your regular students that the Zoom meeting URL would be the same everyday and they need not book a class with you everyday. As a teacher or class organizer you can simply login to your Namaste.fit application and START the class from the “My Offerings” page or bookmark and save the personal meeting link to directly start the class from your browser.

NOTE: The new implementation will not affect your current classes, but only those being added going forward.
When using memberships, it's best to use the updated implementation of the feature. This will prevent unforeseen complications caused by many unregistered or non-members receiving the same class link.

A new look and experience for individual landing pages
This will make it easy for your members to book classes in bulk. Also, it will encourage new site visitors to book more than one class if you've set these up as part of a series. More registrations means more sales! Yayy!


Other updates:

Enhanced Security to Support Scalability
To avoid security breaches, we’ve implemented improved security practices and technologies to safeguard the platform, network, applications, operating system, and physical infrastructure giving us more visibility and control over our applications, devices, and data. As we add more users to the platform and as you grow your business by attracting more members, this becomes increasingly important.

Better Performance with Server-side Rendering (Google loves this!)
Single-page apps have become the standard and best way to build interactive web sites. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with most SPAs, and it’s called the first page download problem, which leads to lots of waiting, and unhappy users. We resolved to provide you with better SEO and performance by rendering your Namaste.fit site homepage and each individual event page on the server. The biggest benefit is the rate at which pages can be rendered. The faster search engines can “view'' your pages, the faster it can move on to the next page and improve your crawl budget. You not only improve your crawl budget, but also your user experience. 

Introducing the ‘Clone’ feature
By using the Clone feature you can simply copy everything about a previously created class, edit just the date, time, price, location or any other small details and set it up as a brand new offering.


Multiple bookings single registration page.png

August Product Update

(23rd August, 2021)