Exciting Updates to Help Fuel Confident Yoga Teachers

Namaste Yoga Teachers,

We hope you had a great Easter weekend!

Last week, we released more new and exciting updates to Namaste.fit. It’s another step in our master plan to fuel confident yoga teachers around the world.

You will notice:

1. ‘Home’ in the left navigation panel: We renamed ‘Dashboard’ to ‘Home’ to make it more relatable and scalable for more stuff we intend to add to the screen in our upcoming releases. The vision is to get this Home screen to serve as a starting point for everything else in Namaste.fit.

2. A ‘Create’ button: Yes, a clear ‘Create’ button which is almost impossible to miss because of the use of contrasting colors. We hope this button’s compelling and action-oriented characteristics encourage you to Create unlimited offerings so you can experience unlimited growth for your business.

3. Now, for the big one! Workshops are here!: We’re so excited about this, we had to include some pictures. You can now simply select the ‘Workshops’ tag on Create page and offer online or in-person, public or unlisted workshops covering specialty yoga and modalities. See where to find the ‘Workshop’ tag inside and how it appears on your site:

- Workshop tag on the Create page:

Untitled 9.png

- When published where ‘Workshops’ would appear on your home page:

Untitled 9.png

4. ‘All offerings’ in the left navigation panel: And with the introduction of workshops, it made logical sense that we rename ‘All classes’ to ‘All offerings’ so thi screen can be prepared to host the list of all your studio offerings - live classes and workshops to begin with, and memberships and courses in the future.

5. Sorting and filtering, Ellipsis on ‘All offerings’ page: As the list of your offerings continues to grow we wanted to make sure that you’re able to navigate this screen easily.

- Sorting and filtering has been added:

Untitled 9.png

- Various menu options for each class have been moved under an ellipsis (three dots) so as not to cause clutter and help you START an event with a focused action button.

ellipsis - new.PNG

You can easily ‘Copy page link’ for an Unlisted event and share it with an exclusive audience.

6. And lastly, the little things:

       a. We adjusted the language in the email to speak inclusively to live classes and
           workshops participants
       b. Renamed ‘Offline’ to ‘In-person’ to provide more clarity about its purpose
       c. Added support for Firefox browser so all your studio webpage templates are now
           compatible with Firefox users

So, you like what you see so far? Share your thoughts with us at team@namaste.fit.


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April Product Update

(5th April, 2021)