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April Product Update

(25th April, 2021)

Latest in Tech and Design

Namaste Yoga Teachers!

We hope you’re ready to inhale a breath of fresh air!

Check out what’s the latest enhancements in tech and design at Namaste.fit.

1. Add participants limit

Now you can define the capacity limits for your classes and workshops. Choose to use this feature to comply with local government regulations or to create a FOMO and sense of urgency to book your events with limited seats available.

We carefully considered where all to display this information on your studio:


Add participants limit.PNG


Add participants limit3.PNG


Add participants limit4.PNG

2. Add to Google calendar in email sent to registered participants:
Registered participants will now be in a position to add the class or workshop to their Google calendar to be reminded of an upcoming event.

Add to Google calendar.PNG

Important note for studio admins: Those of you who are creating recurring events without an end date should now lean towards using the ‘Custom’ recurrence feature and define an end date for your recurring classes. This will ensure the registered participants have access to the Zoom link only for the period they’ve paid for. If you create indefinitely recurring classes the same Zoom link may be indefinitely accessible even after their paid access period has expired.

3. New registration notification sent to studio owners via email:
Maintain an eye on your inbox and find reasons to celebrate! Every time you have a new registration we will now send you a notification via email.